Childcare facilities have an extremely important role and a great deal of responsibility. That’s why the journalists of REPORTER.LU want to make sure that potential problems in these facilities can be investigated, made public and possibly resolved.

If you have information about issues in crèches and day-care centres, please let us know here in our call to readers.

Tell us what’s wrong

Using your information, our journalists will carry out investigations and then publish various articles. All our journalists are recognised by the Press Council and carry out research and verification according to the rules. Any positive experiences are also welcome. In any case, you will remain anonymous.

Please only report problems that affect you personally. If other people have told you about the situation, please do not hesitate to send them this request for information so that they can share their experiences with us.

Please help us to raise awareness and share this page using the hashtag #InvestigationCrechesInLux

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